How to Avoid a Key Mistake to Have a Guilt-Free Vacation from Start to Finish.

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Make sure you watched the previous video, Four Steps to Using the Buddy System for a Guilt-Free Vacation, before moving forward!

Did you tell your staff or team about your vacation? The answer to this can determine your guilt and disruption level on vacay!!


BIG MISTAKE: Not telling your team or staff about your vacation in a timely and open manner.

You train people on how to treat you.

Here’s how to be precise in your words to make sure your team knows how to treat your vacation time:

  • Tell your team well in advance that you are going on vacation and let them know you are excited to go.

  • Let your team know who your buddy is that will be available to them for urgent and emergency matters.

  • Cover with your team what urgent and emergency mean to you, just as you did with your buddy.

  • Continue to promote your excitement for your vacation and talk to your team about what they would like to do for their vacation - make taking a vacation a positive experience for everybody.

Bonus: If you are comfortable with it, let your team know they have budget approval for X amount of dollars to use on X purpose.

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