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Daily Dose: Student housing tip - Referrals revamped

CVZ here. It’s July, and for most of us, there are only five weeks left before move out day.

You're likely very dependent on traffic this month, so let’s make sure you’re driving qualified traffic.

Resident Referral Programs are out, and Affiliate Programs are in!

Affiliates, collaborators, influencers, and Instagram famous speak to most college students so why not play more into it.



Create a Brand ambassador/Affiliate Program for your community that will include rewards, prizes, promotions, and/or discounts for your Brand Ambassadors/Affiliates for posting about your community which in turn drives traffic, and the right kind - the kind that converts to leases on social media.

Free collaboration can totally work, but paid collaboration will be even better!

Think of this as a 2019 version of a REVAMPED Resident Referral Program except instead of the usual “tell your friends about us,” it looks more like:

Example of Traffic Driver

Post one Instagram post, three IG stories, and one Snapchat story per week about our community and in exchange we will give you $100 for the month / $25 a week.

  1. NOTE: this is a targeted traffic driver.

  2. This example is similar to the old school (and expensive) “sign twirler” or “gas station gift card” from way back in the day except the traffic generated will likely be more targeted because your resident or future resident is the one that’s driving the traffic for you to their friends.

Example of a Lease

Each Brand Ambassador/Affiliate is given a unique referral link and can post at their preferred frequency and for any leases that are signed through using their link, the Brand Ambassador is paid a commission of $100 at the end of September (one month after move-in).

  • This example is likely very similar to the current Resident Referral Program; however, this one is being tracked digitally through the ambassador’s electronic links vs. a paper system.

These are just two examples, so take a little time and have a brainstorming sesh on how a Brand Ambassador / Affiliate program will best fit your community.


Goal: You want your program to be easy breezy for both you and your affiliates.

I work with and am paid by several brands. Some are super simple, and others are rather complicated and confusing...which do you think brand ambassadors are more excited to work with?

Let me show you an example of how easy this can be to set up and roll out at your community:

I’m an affiliate for Four Sigmatic – an amazing Mushroom Coffee Company, and I love how simple both their application process and Affiliate Program is.

I can offer my audience 10% savings on all of their orders, and Four Sigmatic will pay me a commission for anyone that uses my unique link or code.

Link: http://www.us.foursigmatic.com/#_a_casey

Coupon code: casey

P.S. If you’re looking for the ultimate brain focus without that coffee crash, check out the Lion's Mane Coffee…and you’re welcome ;-)

Let’s look at this program a little deeper, below I’m going to include a few links for you so you can review THE THREE THINGS you need to set up a successful Brand Ambassador / Affiliate Program and roll it out relatively quickly:

1.     Create a basic application

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 9.22.58 AM.png

3.     Add “Become an Affiliate” collateral on your website, in your office + throughout the community

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 9.23.53 AM.png

There are many programs that help you set up your digital affiliate program. One that we like is Refersion. Learn more here. 

Take these resources below and get started on promoting your own affiliate program!

Fine print:

*I am not an attorney nor is this legal advice: my professional opinion is to have your legal department + corporate office to create and approve documents + Brand Ambassador / Affiliate Program.

*Numbers and Monetary amounts provided are just examples

*See NCAA rules for payouts

*Ambassadors should hashtag #sponsored or #ad if there is a money exchange

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