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Daily Dose: Tiny snail mail to make a HUGE follow-up impact 🐌

Time Investment: ⏰

Money Investment: $-$$

Go big or go….small? Yep, we are telling you to stand out by going small...like really small. Try this unique and memorable twist on snail mail.

 Do it now in 1-2-3:

  1. Purchase some tiny envelopes and stamps. (linked below)

  2. Grab the 1/4 page flyers below.

  3. Fold up the mini flyer, put it in the envelope with your business card, stick a stamp on that bad boy and send it!

    • PRO-TIP: Send an email as well, double the contact points! Grab the email banner below.

Would you like to get a little more familiar with follow-ups? Click on the banner below to read our Follow-Up Foundational Guide!